cold sores

If you want to know why you got that cold sore and how to get rid of it

Do Cold Sores Bleed?

Many people want to know the burning question, Do cold sores bleed all the time? Many people do not realize that they are usually nothing more than fever blisters. There is actually just two names for them.

These blisters are caused by a virus. The name of this virus is the herpes simplex. While it is not the STD that comes to mind it is somewhat like that. It is a type 1 virus of this kind and the type 2 of this kind of virus is usually the genital ones.

Statistics say that more than ninety five percent of the fever blisters that happen are caused by the type one. So no worries if you happen to have a break out. There are also allergic reactions which can cause the same thing as a fever blister.

Do cold sores bleed? When they are at their beginning stages, no. But they do cause blisters like you would get on your foot from something rubbing the skin too much. Or maybe on your hand from something rubbing on it too much. For instance, a lot of people may experience it if they are raking leaves or sweeping for a long period.

They excrete plasma until they are healed and then they turn into a scab. To answer the question, Do cold sores bleed? If you happen to break the scab off or even peel it off, of course it is going to be bleeding and could cause some pain. A lot of people will peel the skin off the top layer and get all the plasma off and put salt water on it to dry it up. This is quite painful but may help tremendously.

The virus is highly contagious when the blister is present so try not to engage in any type of kissing until it heals. Do cold sores bleed? Yes, they will if you have gotten to the scab stage. Many people can not help but pick at a scab and this is sometimes better to get it to dry up faster. But remember, picking a scab can cause a terrible scar.


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